Ndumberi AA, Kenya


Ndumberi, Kenya

Red grape, rosehip, nectarine


There’s a reason why we (roasters, coffee lovers) look forward to the arrival of fresh crop Kenyan coffees every year. Coffees like this are the reason why.

Fresh, playful, and dripping with rich, concentrated sweetness, this eponymous selection from the Ndumberi Farmers Co-operative Society is a joyful representation of what we love about coffee from this part of the world.

Up front, Ndumberi presents with obvious sweetness and clarity, tasting of fresh red grapes with the intense, textured sweetness of golden raisin underneath. No-one would blame you for drawing a satisfied line under the experience at this point, but for those playing into the fourth quarter, further delights await. 

As patronising as it is to be told how to drink a cup of coffee (seriously, I’m sorry in advance), there are a couple of things we’ve noticed about this coffee and want to share. 

1) Let it rest. If you can wait for a minimum of five days from when it was roasted (look at the yellow sticker on the bottom of the bag), what you’ll get in the cup is a lot more open, expressive, and complex.

2) Let it cool. Just a little. If you can wait a few minutes after you’ve brewed it, Ndumberi offers up even more sweetness, more juiciness, and layers of flavour that are masked when the brew is piping hot. 

With a little resting and cooling, Ndumberi broadens and opens from red grape and raisin to accents of rosehip and a fresh, ripe nectarine character. The body is syrupy and coating, with a long, languid, rolling finish. It’s worth the wait.

We’re roasting this coffee on the lighter end of the spectrum — what we call ‘filter coffee’ — to preserve the vibrancy and fun, while maintaining the sweetness and depth. This means it's best for brewing on pour over, plunger, batch brew, AeroPress, (or similar).