Responsible coffee

Holographic by nature. Responsible by choice.

Bureaux Coffee is a small coffee company located in Melbourne, Australia. We’re driven in equal measure by a focus on quality and a responsible approach to business — elements we see as being two sides of the same coin.

As coffee roasters, we’ve chosen to operate a responsible business based on three core values;

  • committing to sustainable sourcing,
  • making climate-friendly choices, 
  • donating 1% of our sales to support coffee-growing communities.


• Committing to sustainable sourcing

We believe that, just like us, coffee farmers should be able to operate profitably, taking out earnings to support their families and also reinvest in their businesses. Paying farmers above the cost of production is not just an ethical choice we also think it's good business, meaning farmers can continue to produce the coffees we love to roast and share. We’re working towards 100% green coffee supply chain transparency, to better understand the relationship between the price we pay and the producer’s own profitability.


 Making climate-friendly choices

Aside from the broader social duty we all share to make good environmental choices, as coffee roasters we have an elevated responsibility. The business of sourcing, roasting and serving coffee carries a climate change burden, and coffee farmers are some of the most vulnerable to its impact. From how we light our buildings to how we package our coffee, we’re working with intent to make the right choices.


 Donating 1% of sales to support coffee-growing communities

Since 2015, our founder and CEO, Tim Williams, has funded and run a grassroots charitable project dedicated to increasing financial stability for coffee-farming households in Gitesi, Rwanda. From September 2020, we’ve integrated and formalised this philanthropy by signing up as members of 1% for the Planet. Through this framework, we commit to donating 1% of our gross sales (not profits) to projects in the communities we buy coffee from.


We’re not quite corporate enough to have a polished mission statement, but we’re driven by a simple ethos — through sourcing and roasting amazing coffee in a responsible way, we can make a positive impact for the communities that produce it, and the planet on which it's both grown and enjoyed.