Easy improvements for getting the best out of your coffee

1. Keep your coffee beans fresh.
It’s best to brew coffee beans within six weeks of when they’re roasted, or within two weeks of when the bag is opened. Coffee beans keep best at room temperature in the bag they’re packed in – never in the fridge.

2. Invest in a grinder.
For the best results, grind fresh. We can and do grind coffee for our customers, but those who invest in a grinder rarely regret it.

3. Brew using scales and a recipe.
Weighing coffee beans and brewing water on a scale may initially feel strange, but the consistent, delicious results the effort yields quickly makes it feel normal. We suggest using 16g of coffee for every 250g of brewing water.

4. Take a moment to enjoy it.
The cup of coffee in front of you is the result of many years work. Now is a great time to take a minute to pause and consider what you’re tasting, as well as the journey of many hundreds of tiny miracles that made this cup of coffee possible.