Jhon Baron, Colombia


Jhon Baron, Colombia

Blackcurrant, soft florals, white peach


For every coffee that makes it into our range, there are literally dozens that are tasted, considered, and rejected.

While a lot of the coffees that don’t make the final cut are really good, we’re looking for quite a specific set of characteristics. At the top of that list are great clarity, sweetness, freshness, structure — things that can sometimes be difficult to explain, especially on a coffee bag label.

When it comes to this red bourbon lot from Colombian producer, Jhon Baron, few explanations are required. It resonates with a clean, syrupy fruit sweetness (think blackcurrant and purple grapes) highlighted by soft floral aromatics (think white peach and orange blossom).

If you dig on coffees that are expressive, vibrant and balanced, we're confident that this selection from Jhon Baron will tick a lot of boxes for you.

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