Gitesi, Rwanda


Gitesi, Rwanda

Cherry, blood orange, Concord grape


On my first visit to Rwanda, I was introduced to father-and-son coffee producers, Alexis and Aime Gahizi — the owners of the Gitesi Coffee Washing Station — at a coffee shop in Kigali. I was immediately bowled over by their warmth and spirit, and to date, I've never met anyone more appreciative of having an international visitor (though they have dozens every season).

Upon visiting their washing station and surrounding coffee farms, I came to understand the level of care and passion that they both have — not just for the coffee as a product, but for what the coffee means for the community it sustains.

Some years later, together with Alexis and Aime, we started the Gitesi Project: a grass-roots charitable initiative that raises funds to purchase dairy cows for the coffee-farming families in the Gitesi village community. To date, we've raised nearly $50,000, placed cows with around 100 families, and purchased health insurance for hundreds of the community's poorest farmers.

The project has taken a big hit under our current climate, with belt-tightening causing funding to all but dry up. But we will continue our work when times improve, and until then, we'll continue to support the Gitesi farmers by purchasing and roasting their amazing coffee and sharing it with the coffee lovers of Australia.

We think this coffee is a great example of the best of Rwandan coffee: vibrant, fresh, sweet, with concentrated red fruit flavours, and a wonderful depth to the cup.

We're currently roasting this coffee for filter brewing — that means your AeroPress, pour-over cone, or trusty old plunger — and shipping from Abbotsford every few days.

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