Leonid Ramirez, Colombia


An impressively clean and elegant honey-processed coffee, tasting of sweet marmalade and candied orange peel.

This rich and sweet coffee comes to us from the producer, Leonid Ramirez and his farm, Finca La Cortina, in the mountains above Genova in Quindio, Colombia.

This coffee is ‘honey’ processed meaning that at harvest, ripe coffee cherries are skinned but the sweet fruit flesh is left on the coffee throughout the drying process. This technique can impart a greater level of fruit sweetness into the coffee, but it also runs the risk of tasting overly-fermented, funky, and unpleasant.

It’s clear that Leonid has paid close, watchful attention to this coffee and that the result is a great exemplar of the honey process done to a very high standard. 

We don’t typically buy a lot of honey processed coffees, but this selection showed great clarity and elegance, which is why we’re excited to showcase it for you.



Quindio, Colombia


Leonid Ramirez




Honey process, dried on raised beds


June, 2020

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