Chelchele Espresso, Ethiopia


Chelchele Espresso, Ethiopia

Apricot danish, maraschino cherry


As our first single origin espresso release, we’re really excited to share Chelchele Espresso, Ethiopia with you.

The name might be familiar to you, and for good reason — we’ve had Chelchele in our range as a filter roast since July. This here is an espresso roast of the same coffee, though, meaning it’s better suited for brewing on your home espresso machine or in an Italian-style stovetop.

We keep the coffee in the drum of the roaster a touch longer, taking it slightly darker in colour than its filter roast counterpart. This approach harnesses what we already love about the coffee, amplifying and expanding upon it for the espresso drinkers.

The accessibility and ease of enjoyment go unchanged, tasting of peach pie and sweet baked lemon tart. Hints of maraschino cherry act as gentle highlights, lifting the cup. Sweetness abounds, balanced by a defining zippy-ness.

Whether you’re drinking it black or with milk, expect clarity, balance, and joy.


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